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Bulak Elementary School – conservation projects

Philippines School Projects

I’ve spent the last few weeks out in the Philippines working with the schoolchildren once again at the Bulak Elementary School. I haven’t been able to upload any images yet of my work there but hopefully these photos from last year will help demonstrate the kind of work that Blue Ocean Planet is involved in.  

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Coral reefs – Treasures of the Sea

Coral Reef Photo: Jeff Yonover, Raja Rampat

Coral reefs: Why action is needed. As the largest living structures on the planet, coral reefs are also among the greatest storehouses of biodiversity on Earth. As anybody who has had the privilege to explore coral reef ecosystems, they will tell you they are places of dazzling beauty, diversity, and are constant source of discovery […]

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I hope this comes to the UK

plastic debris

Mauritania bans plastic bag use From the BBC news website: Mauritania has banned the use of plastic bags to protect the environment and the lives of land and sea animals. Read more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-20891539

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Be an Ocean Protector

Education work in schools

Blue Ocean Planet have released a new lesson for School Children on whales and dolphin conservation

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