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Great t shirt design by school pupil in an eco club we ran.

Its Turtle – y- Awesome to Save the Oceans


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Are you concerned about the environment but feeling overwhelmed by all the issues out there? Not to worry. Here, we’ve compiled a list of fun ways that you can help the environment.

25 Things You Can do to Help the Environment

Helping the environment and raising environmental consciousness doesn’t need to be complicated or take a lot of time. There are many small things we can do in our daily lives that add up to a big difference! Here are some suggestions to get you started. If you think of more, let us know.
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1.Save Electricity
Whenever we use electricity, we help put greenhouse gases into the air. By turning off lights and the computer when you are through with them, you can help a lot.

2.Bike, Bus, and Walk
You can save energy by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking.
you could even start a cycle or walk club..:)
3.Talk to Your Classmates and Friends
Talk with your friends about climate change, marine issues. Let them know what you’ve learned.

4.Plant Trees
Planting trees is fun and a great way to reduce greenhouse gases. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air.

Contact us for advice.
Recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers. When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as aluminum.

6. Reuse items like bags and containers when possible.

7. Don’t brush your teeth or wash dishes with the water running continuously

8.Take a shorter shower
If you take long showers, consider cutting it short by a few minutes. You’ll conserve water, and the electricity needed to heat up the water, lowering your utility bills and reducing your energy consumption at the same time.

9. Save paper by printing on both sides of paper

10. Use discarded paper for scrap paper

11. Compost!
It’s fun and easy and can help you grow a beautiful garden

12. Buy recyclable products instead of non-recyclable one. Look for the recycle mark Recyclable products are usually made out of things that already have been used. It usually takes less energy to make recycled products than to make new ones.

13. Clean up
If you go to the beach or a park, leave it cleaner than when you got there. Pick up some cans and other trash that were there when you arrived. It only takes a couple minutes, and makes the world a nicer place to live in.

14.Avoid fast food
Instead, try to eat at home or at a sit-down restaurant. Fast food restaurants are one of the worst polluters of the environment, both in the massive amounts of beef they must raise, in the wasted packaging, and in the energy they use in so many ways. And they’re tremendously unhealthy.

15.Turn off the TV for an hour
Reduce your energy consumption and get outside and play a sport. Or garden. Or just take a walk. You get healthy and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.

16. Talk to Adults and Tell Them How They Can Help
By encouraging your parents, teachers, and neighbours to make environmentally good choices in what they do and buy, you can help them make an impact as well

17.Use fewer grocery bags!
Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store when you shop or encourage your parents to do so. Or bring back the plastic or paper bags you got the last time.

18. Pick up after pets (scoop the poop!)
A recent US Geological Survey study of streams and creeks in USA showed that pet-waste germs made up approximately a quarter of the bacteria in samples collected from local waterways. When enough bacteria get into the ocean, they can cause beach and shellfish-bed closures and threaten the drinking supply. It may not be fun, but it’s important!

19. If it isn’t dirty, don’t wash it
Wear certain articles of clothing a second time if they are not dirty. You’ll reduce the amount of laundry you need to do, which cuts down on water usage, and the use of chemicals in your laundry detergent.

20. Choose re-usable containers for lunch
Use a lunch box or insulated cooler for lunch in lieu of a paper or plastic sack.

21. Donate unwanted clothing and other items
Rather than throwing away unused clothing and items that are in good shape, donate them to your local church, Goodwill, or other charity.

22. Never litter, even when peers do it
Littering isn’t cool, and no one wants to live or go to school in a garbage dump.

23. Turn your trash into crafts!

Use , newspapers, used office paper, etc. for craft projects.

24. Celebrate the spirit of giving
At each holiday, donate one old toy for each new toy received. This will reduce the stuff that winds up in landfills, and brings joy to kids that are less fortunate than you.

25. Create a backyard habitat
Feed the birds and put up nest boxes for them to use in spring. You can also build and sell your own barn owl boxes—a great way to raise money for your environmental club projects.

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