Blue Ocean Planet Projects

Blue Ocean Planet operates a number of projects to spread the word of Marine Conservation across the UK and the World, from workshops in schools to conservation projects and public events.

Education Projects

Education projects from Blue Ocean PlanetBlue Ocean Planet aims to develop concrete long term connections between schools and their local environments through our education activities.

We bring engaging and important ocean learning to the classroom, offering educational activities to primary and secondary schools. B.O.P can visit your school, or even better, we can run a session for your pupils to come out of school to learn about and discover their marine world.

Students learn about ocean life, human interactions with the ocean, and the ocean’s physical geography. Students gain the information necessary to formulate their own opinions on ocean-related environmental issues.


Conservation Projects

Beach cleaning in Sefton

Blue Ocean Planet aims to involve the community in local conservation projects

We believe in organising community projects to get people involved in conservation projects on their doorstep, whether that be here on Merseyside or in the Philippines with our schools projects there.

We have organised beach cleans in Sefton where we brought together a wide cross section of the community to get out and clean up their beach.

Also we do Dive and Cleans in the Irish Sea.

Give advice to schools and communities on starting eco clubs.

Philippines Schools projects

Philippines School Projects

Blue Ocean Planet believes in spreading the word of Marine Conservation globally

We don’t just work in schools in the UK but with other communities around the world, as such we have developed a long term contact with this school in the Philippines where we recently completed  the Mural projects with the local school children.

Public Events

Spreading the word of Marine Conservation

Blue Ocean Planet is passionate about spreading the word of Marine Conservation so we are often to be seen out and about at Markets and other public events, encouraging community action and conservation volunteering.

Through our range of T.shirts, Bags and other merchandise we want people to carry our messages with them where ever they go.

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