“The health of the world’s oceans will be seen as one of the responsibilities of today’s children” . Wayne Hassan


Inspiring young people about environment and the interconnectedness of ecosystems is vital for the future health of our oceans and future generations. Our aim to pave a way toward a more sustainable, holistic and healthy future, by changing attitudes and habits that affect the local environment which in turn impact upon the wider world. By adopting an inclusive programme of change within schools, families, and communities at a grass roots level, we intend to encourage children to inspire their parents into an ideology of environmental protectiveness and responsibility.

“ Blue Ocean Planet has helped my Year 4 class to engage with   their local environment in a positive way. They were appalled by the waste collected from the beach and now feel compelled to make changes. BOP has helped inspire a new generation of marine protectors” 

St Vincent De Paul Primary, Peter Allen Key Stage 2 Teacher

Our Objectives 

BOP aims to develop concrete, long term, ongoing strategies in ecological and creative projects to become part of the normal expectations within the community enabling children to learn about their environment and to help protect it.



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