Marine Education and Art Project for Schools 2018

This project is designed to engage children in the natural world, specifically the marine environment. We encourage a sense of stewardship and connectedness. BOP, within each project continues to inspire young people to collaborate and develop their own concepts, nurturing a deeper understanding of human impacts upon fragile ecosystems. Working together we produce art exhibits, culminating in a huge sense of pride amongst pupils.

Project comprises:

  • Science – Half day session (plankton sampling, use of microscopes, food chain lesson)
  • Nature Detectives – Nature Day at marine coastal reserve and beach clean.
  • In School marine biology lessons given by experts in the field.
  • Art Day – Production of exhibit and/or help with production of short film/animation. Certificates for pupils awarded at end of project.
  • School Plastic Reduction Projects

“I enjoyed cleaning the beach because I knew I was helping the environment by keeping the beach clean. I loved getting to do the art about the fish in our British seas in the Museum. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Maleka, Year 6, Greenbank Primary School

If you would like to nominate an ocean ambassador for your school please get in touch.

Sessions are suitable for ages 6 – 12 & based on curricular & extra-curricular topics but can easily be tailored to suit your individual learning needs.

Summer term start date: 9th April 2018