Recent School’s Project

On Monday 11th November 2013,  The Lord Mayor, Deputy Director of Museums and the Head of the Aquarium attended as the pupils of Greenbank, Croxteth, St Vincent De Paul and Croxteth Community Primary School, working under the leadership of Blue Ocean Planet [ BOP] presented a collaborative art exhibit at The Liverpool Museum.

The mural made up of four parts, depicts the many threats to world oceans and has been part of an ongoing marine environmental programme, set up by BOP, to enhance awareness of issues such as biodiversity, plastic pollution, food chains, ecosystems, over fishing, global warming and the ever increasing corrosion off corals reefs.

The children, aged from 7 to 11, took part in workshops, conducted scientific experiments and carried out beach cleans during a process of exploration which has enabled them to learn about their local coastline and make the logical connections with the wider implications of how our behaviour and everyday habits impact upon marine wildlife and oceans across the world. This work was then translated through art into a narrative of these connections. We hope it touches those who view it as it has touched the children who helped to produce it with the founder,volunteers and another artist.

BOP’s ultimate aim is to educate as many people as possible about marine issues and how we can all help in the fight against deterioration of our oceans, upon which we must all inevitably rely. The children have received certificates for their hard work and now become ‘Ocean Protectors’ as the Mayor endorsed this in his rallying words to them all. In fact the Lord Mayors appreciation and enthusiasm made the children’s day and they thanked him in song and poetry.

The artwork is is available to view until after Christmas in the Aquarium at the Museum and all are welcome. Any schools wishing to take part in ongoing and future programmes can contact BOP or the Liverpool Echo.

Pictures can be seen here