Many children, due to geographic location do not have regular access to woodlands or the countryside. BOP provides annual trips to places of scientific interest and natural beauty by way of giving pupils the opportunity to enjoy nature and relate the connections between ecosystems and everyday life.

There are free options for deprived pupils, and for schools in certain ward areas. Ask for more details.

Global Network of Ocean Protectors 

Enrol your school or your class by writing your proposed action in our blog. This will be highlighted on the interactive map to join with other schools, creating a global network of ideas.

This is a facility to find out more of what is happening in other places and read about various amazing marine species at home and in other parts of the world.

 Marine focused Education Programme

Activities include;

Discovering the local river, historical and modern view, wetlands & seashore. Eg,Exploring rock pools and learning about ecosystems and biodiversity.

Make an artwork from plastic waste or other materials.  Examples being; artworks that symbolise the differences between the natural world and industrial pollutants; Ecosystems and Impacts.

Creative Writing. Children are encouraged to think about connections and write their interpretations of how ecosystems work together. Different topics are discussed and navigated at each session.

Photography for beginners and budding Wildlife Snappers. Competitions.

Learn about the hazards of plastic waste and how we can ALL become plastic waste wise

BOP ABROAD   – THE PHILIPPINES  – link your school up.

Within the framework of our programme we aim to encourage schools on Merseyside to link with our counterparts in the Philippines to exchange ideas and local information. The objective is to gain knowledge about what happens environmentally within communities in less advantaged countries.  We intend to evoke a realisation, that despite distance, we are all in this together. What we do locally affects and impacts upon life on the other side of the world. To take responsibility as a community for nature’s heritage and by becoming leading voices in awareness campaigns we are able to affect change and a better future for all.