School Presentations

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BOP welcomes the opportunity to visit schools giving talks on subjects

Including topics such as;

  • Introduction to the Oceans , Gaia
  • Marine Ecology, Human Impacts & Conservation
  • Marine Reserves and Importance
  • Cetaceans, Dolphins, and Whales
  • Marine species, the wonder of diversity of species in the oceans
  • Ocean song, BOPS own ocean song “SAVE OUR SEAS” and animation.
  • Ocean Life and photography, suitable for older students with an interest in
  • Marine Ecology and Wildlife Photography.
  • Coral reefs. Introduction to Tropical Ecosystems and Coral Reefs.
  • Global reliance and our interdependence .
  • The Whale Shark. The fragile Giant.
  • Save Our Trees for Our Oceans . [SOTOO].
  • Story of Mischa and Tom , two ex-captive Dolphins, now released.
  • Film making and animation session.

We welcome the opportunity to tailor make a presentation to suit curriculum requirements upon request.

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